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Links to Special Business Associates

As we create your screened porch or deck, we work with special craftsmen to add certain amenties. Those important friends are featured below.

Metropolitan Deck Finishers

We work with Patty Dennis at Metropolitan Deck Finishers to ensure a rich, high-quality finish for your new deck.  Almost of the photos you will see at this link are Northern Deckworks projects.


And please contact Patty Dennis directly if you would like:
Phone: 703-763-6601      Email: mdfinishers@gmail.com

Green Mountain Pottery

Nothing dresses up a screened porch like a well-crafted, tasteful and striking work of pottery. For this service, we work exclusively with Erin Miller at Green Mountain Pottery.
Our discriminating customers have been quite pleased to opt for one of Ms. Miller's lovely works to adorn their new outdoor space.


To contact Erin Miller directly:
Phone: 802-733-6416      Email: erinmiller41387@gmail.com

Solara Patio Covers

We recommend and use Solara patio covers. This "smart" patio shading system is dynamic and can be transformed according to weather conditions. Solara’s patio cover is made entirely of aluminum--including the louvers, which open and close as you desire to change the amount of light or shade--and therefore requires no maintenance at all!

Visit Solara's site for more information: www.patiocover.us

Hot Tubs -- Home Escapes by Spas East

As you can see from our photo galleries, we have put in a lot of hot tubs with our decks and porches.  We only install the best, and that is why we work with Home Escapes by Spas East.  Click on this link and say "wow."


Baldwin Pools -- In-Ground Swimming Pools

If you plan to go "the whole nine yards" with your oasis and build a swimming pool, then look no further. Tim O'Neill of Northern Deckworks and Mary Baldwin of Baldwin Pools have done several joint projects. Baldwin has built over 600 pools in the Northern VA area.


Please contact Mary Baldwin directly if you would like:
Phone: 703-928-7659      Email: baldwinpools@comcast.net